Inflation has a significant impact on the food industry, affecting food prices directly. Cost increases have an impact on the type, quantity, and quality of food served in restaurants, as well as how much operators are willing to spend. While moderate inflation is generally beneficial to the economy’s growth and healthy , the consequences of excessive inflation are difficult to ignore .The cost of ingredients and menu items rises in tandem with the cost of living . With discretionary spending dwindling as a result of the economic slowdown, restaurants are under more pressure than ever to adopt new methods to increase customer engagement. Maintaining competitiveness in an ever- changing world is becoming increasingly difficult, especially as digital experiences become the norm for restaurants.

Why Customer Experience is Important

A strong and successful restaurant is built on an excellent customer experience . It is what distinguishes you from your competitors and motivates customer loyalty . Going above and beyond to provide a superior customer experience, especially in a restaurant setting, can really differentiate you. In most cases, a customer visits a restaurant for the sake of convenience and indulgence. It’s an opportunity for them to get away from the kitchen and socialise with friends and family. According to American Express research, 7out of 10 Us consumers have spent more money to do business with a company that provides excellent service.

Leveraging digital technology

When looking to roll out new digital dimensions to their customers experience, quick-serves need to focus on its strategy in order to embark on this journey in the most efficient and scaled way. Companies must produce an omnichannel customers experiences, with the technology they adopt needing to be personalized whilst also complimenting the in-store experience. Customers now expect this type of digital transformation in restaurants, which makes ordering far more convenient.

Personalized Experiences

Getting on a personal level with your customers is one of the most important ways to provide a great experience

at your restaurants. Creating a personal connection fosters loyalty. If a customer feels like a friend rather than a number, they are more likely to return to your restaurant . Train your servers to address customers by name, or have them strike up a casual and appropriate conversation. A casual conversation is a great way to gain insight into that specific customers in order to improve their future service and help you improve the overall experience.

Marking Their Visit Effortless

A long wait time or complexity is the last thing a customer wants to encounter when visiting a restaurant. Customers come to restaurants to have a relaxing stay or to have fun with family and friends . This means that the experience should be as effortless as possible. Automation is a recent trend that can assist your team members in ringing orders, explaining food items, checking inventory levels to improve the customer experience.